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ECOmaylene3D - Customised Filaments

ECOmaylene3D - Customised FilamentsAs 3D printing technologies advance, the filaments used to develop the prints, have evolved to enable these prints to exhibit a wide variety of features.

Manufacturing our own line of filaments here in Singapore, allows us to have the highest quality control and customisation that translate into solutions that fit the 3D printing needs of any customer.


Customised Colors

Colors can be customised based on a PANTONE chart or reference materials.

Customised Alloy Filaments Metal Alloys can be infused into filaments giving a metallic finish; Examples include: Copper / Gold / Bronze / Silver.
Special Effects Filaments Special Effects properties can be customised for our filaments; Examples include: Wood Blends / Glow in the Dark / Carbon Fiber.
Customised Physical Properties Physical Properties can be augmented but with limitations. Examples include: Flexible / Soft-Rubber / Sculpable / Conductive / Magnetic.

For any customising orders, from colors to physical properties, please contact us. Our team would love to hear from you!
+65 6515 9989