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ECOmaylene ® 3D Printing Filament is the flagship product of Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Metro Wealth Holdings Pte Ltd. With our knowledge and experience as a plastic compounding manufacturer, we are dedicated to continuous research, innovation and product development.

Winrigo is the leading manufacturer of 3D printing filaments in Singapore. Winrigo has embraced and is fully committed to the material technologies of 3D printing, furthering its development and putting this capability into the hands of a new wave of creators, makers, tinkerers and inventors. Making ideas and innovations into a three dimensional reality and contributing to the 3D printing communities.

The ECOmaylene 3D team are proud to produce the top quality 3D printing filaments in PLA and ABS while continuing to test the innovative new materials to add to our existing line of products. Winrigo offer extensive product line and possess manufacturing capabilities to extrude custom colors and functional filaments to meet all of your requirements for 3D filament product. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D centre is located in Bukit Batok, Singapore. Our filament is manufactured with laser-controlled precision. Winrigo certifies and guarantees the quality of our 3D printing filament will be held to exact tolerances specified for printing filament industry standards.
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Providing a full supply chain from understanding the needs, iterative prototyping, materials customisation to training of operators.

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