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ECOmaylene® PLA Filaments

ECOmaylene3D - PLA Filaments

PLA (Polylactic Acid) – is a completely different kind of thermoplastic. It is made from corn starch or sugar cane and is biodegradable, so it’s greener than ABS. PLA is fast becoming a material of choice for upcoming technologies such as 3D printing due to its low warp and odorless characteristics. It’s especially good at producing sharp corners and it may or may not require a heated bed for printing.

Good Filament Low or No Warping Size:  1.75mm
Good Filament Low or No Odour Weight: 500g / 1kg
Good Filament Environmentally Friendly Temp: 180 - 210 ° C
Recommended for use with a heated bed of 55 - 65 ° C with adhesion.

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ECOmaylene® PLA Filaments