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ECOmaylene® ABS Filaments

ECOmaylene3D - ABS Filaments

Another common and dominant plastic material used for 3D printing is ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). It’s strength, flexibility, machinability, and higher temperature resistance makes it often a preferred plastic by engineers and those with mechanical uses in mind. Compared to PLA, it is much easier to recycle ABS.

In order to achieve glossy finish, it can be post-processed with acetone.

Do note that ABS shrinks during printing, hence, heated bed is strongly recommended.

Good Filament Low or No Warping Size:  1.75mm
Good Filament Tougher Material Weight: 500g / 1kg
Good Filament Longer Lifespan Temp: 200 - 230 ° C
Recommended for use with a heated bed of 90 - 110 ° C with adhesion.

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ECOmaylene® ABS Filaments