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ECOmaylene ® 3D - Perfect ABS Print

Posted by 3D Artist ecomaylene on

ABS is a common and dominant plastic material used for 3D printing. ABS is tougher and exhibits a much higher melting point compared to PLA. And it provides the longer lifespan.

However, there's an important disadvantage known by all 3D players - it shrinks and warps during printing and eventually cracks.

Surely there are many ways to minimize shrinkage issues, such as using the special tape or glue to make ABS better sits on the bed, or avoid printing from the air-conditioned environment. But it is always a try-and-error process to get a perfect ABS print. 

To create a more pleasant 3D printing experience, ECOmaylene® 3D team develops much good quality ABS filament to eliminate shrinkage and crack issues.    

Let's see blow videos and see how ECOmaylene ® 3D ABS overcomes the shrinkage and crack issue and achieve better ABS Prints compared to another filament brands.

Printing Parameter
3D Machine: Hyper + 3D Printer
Nozzle Temperature: 230 ° C
Bed Temperature: 100° C

3D Model File:  ECOmaylene Test Block(G-code)


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